Chinese Valentine’s Day, TVC-Mall ladies get roses as Qixi Festival gifts


Every TVC-mall female is gifted with a rose to celebrate Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day

Every TVC-mall lady is gifted with a rose to celebrate Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day

It seems that every one knows that Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th day of February, a festival popular across the globe, including China. Actually, there is also a Chinese Valentine’s day, called Qixi Festival, which falls on the seventhday of the seventh month of lunar calendar, that is, August 13 in Gregorian calendar, right today.

To celebrate this tradition Chinese festival, TVC Mall gave every female employee a rose as gift. You may ask, what about the rest? Of course, it is time for TVC-Mall men to buy roses for their lovers. No parsimony for this great day. The gift for Qixi Festival is somehow different from that of Valentine’s Day in February on which day every TVC-Mall lady saw chocolates on their desks.  TVC-mall is a professional supplier focusing on cell phone accessories at wholesale price.

It is a long story to deliberate the origin of Qixi Festival, which stems from the tragic love story of Niulang and Zhinv, who were only able to see each other once a year on the Milky way on the seventh day of the seventh month. The tragedy between Niulang and Zhinv won’t happen in nowadays when people can find their own love, little hindered by disapproval from parents. Just like what they may do in the Valentine’s Day, most couples would choose to have dinner and plan a romantic date to spend this day in a meaningful way. How about the singles? You have to work harder to find your dreaming lovers.