Hot-selling products on TVC-Mall are offered with discounts for the Great Contest

tvc mall discounted products

tvc mall discounted products

After the trailer page, you must be looking forward to what discounts TVC-Mall is going to offer for what products. Now the promotion campaign for the Great Contest (the short form for the Great Contest Among Alibaba Ecommerce Companies) is moving toward the second phase, major discounts for the hot-selling products that TVC-Mall picks up for you. See the details of discounts and products on this page.

The discounted products are grouped into four sections, including the accessories for Apple products, for Samsung smartphones, for smartphones of other brands and electronics, among while the various accessories for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series account for the majority. So if you are an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone owner, you will surely be interested in what they are.

The discounts here range from 10% to 50% off. Sold with the discounts of 20% or 30% off or even great discounts, these iPhone accessories such as the cool Double Layered silicone hybrid case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S or the ruggedized Defender cover for iPhone 5, which are originally of low price now appear even more affordable and the chances that you can’t help grabbing one or two for your device.

Warm reminder here: the discounts here are offered with time limit, which will be due on September 5, 2013, less than 10 days away from now. So if you are interested in any of them, you need to take action now. The good price is not for every day, just login your account and throw them into your cart.