The fire of fighting is burning: see what TVC-Mall is prepping for the Great Contest

tvc mall promotion page

tvc mall promotion page

If you are a regular visitor of TVC-Mall, it is easy to find that TVC-Mall is a professional cell phone accessories supplier vending products at very low price and thus is seldom engaged in any promotion campaign. So you must have long been grudging about this. TVC-Mall is making process right starting from this. Has your curiosity been aroused?

Here are some questions that may reside in your brain, and allow us to make a brief answer while the rest is worth your further exploration on our promotion page.


What to know about the Great Contest?

This promotion campaign is sparked by the Great Contest. To have a smattering knowledge of this contest, there are a few things that you might want to know.

Host: Alibaba, the world leading Ecommerce brand;

Contestants: 22 Shenzhen-based Ecommerce companies;

Timespan: a month and a half, lasting from August 1 2013 to September 15, 2013;

Contest Form: the 22 contestants are divided into two groups of equal overall strength based on their previous performance of sales; each contestant has a target goal of sales and a respective competitor in the rivalry group; the one which has a higher complete rate wins.


What does this promotion campaign offer?

Compared with the details and on-goings of the contest, you might be more interested in what TVC-Mall is preparing for the promotion campaign. TVC-Mall offers three ways to benefit you, including points, discounts and presents.

If you are a regular client of TVC-Mall, then you must be familiar with policies of points of TVC-Mall. Each point can be cashed to $1 once the total points of your account hit 10. Never mind, this part is surely of your interest if you are a new comer to TVC-Mall, since you will be given 5 points for free if you register a member account on TVC-Mall during the campaign from Aug 26, 2013 to Sept 15, 2013.

The discounts for hot-selling products are of course are available for all visitors and buyers of TVC-Mall. There will major discounts for a slew of popular products, which will be listed soon on the promotion page. Stay tuned to know what exactly they are.

The presents will surely attract you if you are a regular client to place medium to large order often. The presents include rainbow-colored bangles, card cases, USB flash disks and scarfs. To get more detail, head over to the link to the promotion campaign page.