Color does matter: 16GB iPhone 5c in yellow now most popular

yellow iphone 5c most popular

yellow iphone 5c most popular

Is there a most popular iPhone now? Of course, at least since iPhone 5c is available for preorder in many parts of the world. Despite of all the mocking and sarcasm, the color iPhone 5c indeed offers more choice for the customers. So the colorful hues of iPhone 5c do matter to the sales. Now it seems that the most popular iPhone model is crowned on the 16GB version of iPhone 5c among the five color options.

The preorder of the yellow-colored iPhone 5c is depleted on the very first day, and those who preorder this model now will not be able to receive this model on September 20, the scheduled date of the first batch of iPhone 5c available. Due to the hot demand, the iPhone in yellow is now delayed to September 25 for release.

It seems that the customers tend to have more interest in new color options. For instance, when the white iPhone 4S first came out, it was much more popular than the black version. It is of course a different case for iPhone 5c since there are together five bright colors and the customers are free to choose their own favorite. The yellow version now stands out as the most popular iPhone 5c model.

Certainly, it might not be the final result since it takes some time before iPhone 5c lands on other regions, not to mention that the iPhone 5s are not yet available for preorder. Things might change once these two models are fully released across the globe.

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