Latest iPhone 5S spare parts leaked, now fingerprint sensor confirmed,

iphone 5s home button flex cable

iphone 5s home button flex cable

Despite of a flurry of iPhone 5S spare parts have been revealed, none of them is able to prove a new feature that iPhone 5S is going to have, fingerprint sensor. The newly-leaked iPhone 5S home button flexible cable, according to the insiders and the analysts, is likely to confirm the existence of the fingerprint sensor.

By the courtesy of a French website, It can be seen on the shot that there is a codename for new iPhone 5S home button flex cable, 821-2092-01, which apparently applies to Apple’s naming convention. During the past couples of months, we have seen a slew of purported iPhone 5S spare parts, most of which are divulged from the Asian suppliers of Apple or cell phone repair firms. We didn’t see any proof of fingerprint sensor on the previous-leaked shots of iPhone 5S home button flex cable shots.

The home button flex cable revealed today appears much more complex. Marked with the number of 1329, it refers the 29th week of 2013, about mid-July. The flex cable leaked last month was made in June, without the cube module showed today. Apple tends to vary the different kinds of flex cable or modules to make a change to the inside placement or outside design.

Apple has already sent out the invitation wide spread and schedules to give a new product conference on September 10th to announce the high-anticipating iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C ,which will be rolling out on September 20.