Win $100 in 5 Minutes! TVC-MALL’s product review video contest starts!

TVC-MALL’s product review video contest has been launched. Please take this opportunity to advise others about your experience with the products you purchased from

You can submit your own review video to YouTube, and then will get a chance to win a prize. If being a Star sounds good to you, let’s get started! 511

What Prizes?

We have a giveaway of $2000 for the participants.

1.    Gold Prize: the best 2 videos ($100 gift cards for each)

2.    Silver Prize: 6 winners ($50 gift cards for each)

3.   Bronze Prize: 300 winners ($5 gift cards for each)

Note: All the prizes can be simultaneously awarded, and a participant can take several videos if she or he orders different products.

Who Can Participate?

Any one of our customers.

How to Win?

1.    Show the item you purchased from TVC-MALL and say it is from TVC-MALL in the video;

2.   Take a review video (minimum 2 minutes);

3.    Write the item’s URL (web location) at YouTube, so that other people can click it and find the product easily.

4.   Upload your video to YouTube, and obtain the YouTube URL (web location);

5.    Send the YouTube URL to us at (change # to @) with your any order number in email.

Please submit the video before June 15, 2015, and then winner list will be exposed on June 18, 2015.