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Apple needs iPad mini with Retina display to beat new Nexus 7

new nexus 7 vs ipad mini

new nexus 7 vs ipad mini

Last year, both Apple and Google launched a smaller-sized tablet PC, the first-gen Nexus 7 and iPad mini. Despite that old Nexus 7 hit the market earlier than iPad mini, the former was still defeated by the latter due to the apparent discrepancy in design and specs. Therefore, iPad mini was able to dominate small-sized tablet market.

Things are different this year. The new Google Nexus 7, compared with its predecessor, sees a drastic bump in specs. The 1920*1200 display has brought it to the level of Retina display. If iPad mini 2 did not come with a Retina Display, it can hardly compete with the new Nexus 7, which is more advantageous in pricing.

In addition, the ultra slim and elegant design that Apple has long been proud of hardly works this time since Nexus 7 also does well in weight and thickness. From all those contrast of figures, there is no apparent gap between these two.

Competition and pressure often leads to motivation. If Apple intends to maintain its dominance and competitiveness in tablet domain, then they need to make full efforts and bring out a Retina iPad mini 2 to dispel the customers’ discontent with the screen resolution of iPad mini and to boost the sales.

The good thing is that Apple seems to have sensed the pressure. The recent news suggest that Apple will postpone the release of iPad mini 2 to March or April next year and devote more time to the preparation of two versions of iPad mini 2, one with Retina display and one without.